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Every platform has bugs. As a new platform, we have even more! Below is a list of issues we’re aware of and are/will be working on.

What we’re working on

The dedicated URL version of a post is incomplete. This isn’t a normal part of the flow of the site right now but if we email you about a post—for instance, if it’s curated—this is what we’ll reference. To get to the working version of the post, simply click/tap on it in your personal feed.

What we’ve (hopefully!) fixed

The response area for each post was is not showing up. You could comment on your own posts but no one else’s! The response area should now be working for everyone.

Post editing had has a few issues. If you edited a post, it would shift position and become the most recent post in your feed which definitely messed with the feed layout. Also, sometimes, some of the post content wouldn’t carry over after an edit. 🙁 As it is, the order of an edited post will still change in the craft feed (rising to the top) but each maker’s feed should be stable.

The Discover feed is not now displaying all featured posts. If the expanded view of one your posts shows that it’s been featured, then it actually is in the Discover feed (whether it’s currently showing up there or not—some posts even started there and then disappeared!).

Post descriptions are were randomly disappearing. Some early posts were losing their description in the posting process. Again, we’re really sorry. Hopefully that’s now completely fixed.

Have something to add?

Use the comments below to let us know of other issues you’re experiencing. Include as much detail as possible to help us reproduce the issue and track down the cause.

Thanks in advance for helping to refine the experience for everyone!

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