We Make

About We Make

As makers, we want to connect with the people who support our best work. So, we’ve built an online community space for sharing and discovering handcraft.

Following the way of craft, the We Make experience is managed by people, not algorithms, and is designed around beautiful objects, meaningful interactions and getting work into people’s hands. You can read more about our vision and values.

Built by makers, refined by the community

We Make was conceived and built by a novice metalworker with a lot of support from friends, advisors and a lot of amazing makers.

We’re continuing to define the direction of the project and we welcome all thoughtful input. To share your perspective, help us answer What could a craft-focused, maker-led social platform look like? You can also request early access as a maker or an appreciator and we’ll reach out to you.

Who we are

Ephrem Hernandez has been working with metal for a few years and is also long-time designer and web developer. Joseph Miller is a welder/fabricator who’s recently been focused on woodworking projects and managing outreach to makers. We’ve partnered with several advisors in business, technology and craft to build what we hope is a generous space for the handcraft/making community.

A little history. Ephrem has been making with his hands for many years, going back to architecture school in the late ’90s and starting a leathercraft business in the mid-2000s. Focusing on metals now, he initially had the idea of a site and app for the metalworking community but realized that makers in all types of handcraft needed a place to share their work with one another and a larger audience. Also, his wife Madeleine and many friends are potters, sewers, woodworkers, knitters and more and he wanted one place for everyone to share.

You can participate now

If you’re interested in being more involved, or if you have questions or comments, we’d like to hear. Right now, the best way to reach us is our contact form. And, the best way to stay up-to-date is to register and request early access.

Additionally, since we’re just starting, we’re interested in trading ad space with other maker-oriented channels. So, if you have a craft-focused site or media channel and you’re willing to mention We Make, let us know. Alternately, feel free to suggest other sites or channels you think we should reach out to.

We look forward to growing this together!