We Make

An online craft community

As makers and appreciators of handcraft, we’ve found that conventional social media fall short. So, we’re building our own platform for sharing and discovery.

We’re currently offering early access to a limited number of makers and appreciators while we refine the initial experience. If you’re not a member yet, you can request early access.

Designed for the community

Our initial features promote connection around quality work but we’re also adding to and refining the experience with a lot of input from the community.

For makers and appreciators

Craft lives in a generous cycle of making, offering, discovery and use. The We Make experience serves that process.

Focused on connection

You can always connect with the maker of an object on We Make because they’re the ones who post. No resellers.

A beautiful experience

Drop straight into the best work from each craft, curated by makers from each tradition. Quality posts immediately rise to the top while the experience of the site is managed by the community.

Oriented toward discovery and connection

Find work and makers in various ways including by craft, by collection, through the Discover feed and through the interactive Maker Map.

Maker Map

Search makers by craft around the world or find makers in your area or a location you’ll be visiting. (To protect privacy, we don’t publish addresses or zoom to street level.) Go to Maker Map

Follow your favorites

Follow individual makers as well as entire craft feeds. And, see all the posts that you’d expect. No algorithms.

Buy and sell finished work and more

Click through to buy products, patterns and kits from makers’ own websites. (Makers, adding For Sale links is available to our founders and Pro members.)

Free & Premium accounts

We expect most people will very happy with a free membership. For those who want more features, we’re developing nice-to-have tools starting with our Pro membership for makers.

Join Us?

Makers, connect with the people who support your best work.

Appreciators, get inspired. Discover new work & connect with makers.