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Building We Make: Underlying Assumptions

As we consider together what We Make could become, here are some considerations that have been foundational so far. This is a work-in-progress so community input definitely influences the direction.

Underlying Assumptions

Handcraft has the possibility to not just make our days nicer but to influence our experience of the world and each other.

As makers, sharing and seeing images of each others’ work can help us make even better work.

Some of us want to share our work with potential customers as well.

While the online experience is not ideal for experiencing handcraft, it can still serve to connect us and get work into other people’s hands.

We’re not entirely happy with any of the sharing options that are currently available online, whether social image sharing, craft forums, or large marketplaces.

We have enough in common that many of us would like to share our work in the same general environment (rather than on different craft-specific sites).

As makers, we value process so as a community we would rather be involved early than be handed a polished product down the road.

A free platform with vetted, tasteful ads can include more people than a for-pay platform.

It will be worth it for some people to pay a little each month to hide ads altogether.

Makers and non-makers want a nicer discovery process for finding handcraft and makers.

Curated feeds for each craft are more enjoyable and will help the discovery process. And…

Master-level makers from each craft will be willing to serve as curators on a short-term basis.

People who invest a lot in a platform should share in the profits of the platform.

As web users, we are weary of looking over our shoulder every time we share something online, wondering how our data is going to be shared across the web.

As makers and appreciators of handcraft, what would you add?

We’d like to hear your thoughts. When you’re done here, you might also want to engage with our big definitions post where we’re asking: What could a craft-focused, maker-led social platform look like?

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