A sample invitation

Here’s a rough guide for makers to invite new members to join We Make.

For our founding members: if the makers you invite sign up before September 1 they’ll also get the benefits that come from being a founder.

If you think of a point that would add value to what’s here, would you share it by adding it in the comments below?

The message

Here are some generic points. Add your intro and closing and customize these as much as you’d like. Or, feel free to write your own.

With other very talented makers, I’m part of a new social space for sharing and discovering handcraft called We Make.

Access is currently by invitation-only but founding makers have been given a few invitations each so I wanted to see if you would be interested in being a part!

You can see what’s in place at https://wemake.co

As you’ll see on the site, apart from connecting around the images there is also the interactive Maker Map for discovering makers by area or craft. And, the feed for each craft is curated by makers (no algorithms!). There are also a lot of other maker-focused features planned, drawing heavily on community input for direction.

The platform, which is maker-founded and maker-led, is just starting. Registration will be opening to the larger maker community and public soon but makers that receive an invitation and sign up before September 1 will receive founder benefits including free access to features like premium customer support and the ability to include For Sale links in posts.

You’ll see links on the site to join or request early access. Or, you can sign up directly here:

If you sign up, mention my name in the “How did you hear about us?” field to get pre-approved access.

Early access to We Make

We’re building an online space for makers and appreciators to connect around handcraft. Our founding members now have early access to post work and provide feedback!

We have been working hard to get here and we’re grateful to be moving forward together. At the same time, we recognize that we have a lot of growth ahead of us!

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We’re building We Make: a craft-focused, maker-led social platform

We’re developing an online space for our maker community oriented around sharing and discovering handcraft. The focus is two-fold:

1) support makers to craft their best work by connecting them with the people who support it, and

2) enable the world to discover it.

We originally launched Maker Map (and published this post) as we were building the We Make platform. However, now that we’ve launched We Make we still want to hear from the community as we continue to make important decisions. So, please consider commenting next to a point that stands out to you or enter your general comments at the end.

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Building We Make: Underlying Assumptions

As we consider together what We Make could become, here are some considerations that have been foundational so far. This is a work-in-progress so community input definitely influences the direction.

Underlying Assumptions

Handcraft has the possibility to not just make our days nicer but to influence our experience of the world and each other.

As makers, sharing and seeing images of each others’ work can help us make even better work.

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