We Make

About Curation

When you view a craft feed on We Make you’re seeing the posts that curators from that craft have selected to highlight. We believe this creates a nicer experience and allows the community to define the featured content.

You can still view all posts from a craft by viewing its uncurated feed (under the More navigation). And, if you’re following a maker’s feed, you’ll see all of their posts as they post them.

How it works

Curators serve limited terms in their respective crafts in order to allow more people (with different experience and different tastes) to contribute to the selection process. Further, a post requires more than one “upvote” in order to be curated so that a feed cannot be entirely determined by a single person.

If you’re an experienced maker who would like to curate for your craft, you can apply by writing to us and letting us know. Also, feel free to write if you have questions or comments about the process.