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Survey results: Priorities

We’ve been asking our makers how their priorities relate to the We Make experience. If you’ve participated in this, thank you! The community response here is helping to shape our early direction.

This is an ongoing survey so we’ll update the numbers over time but we wanted to share early results (from about 180 responses).

How important is each of the following priorities to you as a maker?

1. Easily discover new work by craft

2. Easily discover other makers in your craft

3. Get feedback about your work

4. Have a chance to promote work that’s for sale

5. Create a beautiful showcase of your work

6. Create posts about topics other than your work/WIP

7. Discover makers in your geographic area

8. See behind-the-scenes articles from makers (photography processes, etc)

9. See features added that uniquely support the maker community

What stands out to you?

Are the ratios what you expected? Any suprises? We’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Additional thoughts

Our makers are also sharing a lot of thoughtful and valuable feedback about what’s important to them right now. Once you’re done here, you can read a selection of those responses.

If you’re a member who missed the survey and wants to participate, let us know. If you’re not yet a member, you can request early access.

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