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Pre-launch update: New features!

To our earliest maker members:

With your feedback and participation, we’ve recently added several features to the site. Here are some details and an invitation to test them in your account.

The updated maker feed

As a maker, many of the updates can be seen from your main posts page:

1. Verified status In order to keep the site clean and valuable as we grow, new members now need to be verified to take certain actions, including adding new pins to Maker Map. Verified status is represented by a simple checkmark badge and is awarded primarily based on engagement—posting, commenting and giving feedback. It does not necessarily signify master-level work but does require clear evidence of basic skills in the work posted. For our pre-launch makers, creating a single post will give you Verified status.

2. Profile Announcement Add an announcement to your We Make page for important updates or marketing efforts. Includes the option of an offsite link for sales, events, etc. As with the For Sale feature (see below), this is a Pro feature that is currently only available to our pre-launch maker members.

3. Faster-loading feeds While not a feature, we have rebuilt the way that our craft and maker feeds load in order to improve load times and give us more flexibility for upcoming features.

4. For sale features Launched last fall: you can add the price of a product and the link to your own e-commerce site when posting an object, a pattern or a kit that you sell. This is currently available only to our pre-launch makers but will soon be available to others in the upcoming Pro subscription plan. Note that we don’t just want to see work that’s for sale—WIP, personal pieces and older work are all welcome.

5. Multi-image posts Also launched last fall: you can now add up to eight images when creating a post. Images can be rearranged in the posting process and we display the first image in the feed view. All images can be viewed in a slideshow format in the expanded view.

+ Follow curated craft feeds This was an original feature of the site but it didn’t work the way we planned. We’ve since rebuilt it so you can now follow the curated feed of your favorite crafts as well as individual makers. (By default, makers follow their primary craft. To unfollow, just visit that craft’s feed.) Currently, in your home feed you can’t distinguish between posts from makers you’re following and posts from crafts you’re following but we’ll be updating this soon.

Upcoming Pro Subscription plan

Our Pro plan is a monthly subscription for professional makers who want extra tools to promote their work. If you’re one of our pre-launch founders, you’ll be getting all of the current Pro features for free, including the For Sale and Profile Announcement features mentioned above. We’ll be sharing more about the Pro plan soon.

Your feedback

Would you try these out and give us feedback on your experience?

The site is still a work in progress—there are many more features we look forward to releasing soon, including some basic ones like on-site notifications. Feel free to share all kinds of feedback about your experience—you can leave a comment below, respond to any email you receive from us or use our contact form.

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